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The Land of Stories
Chris Colfer
Hardcover | Jul 2016
on order $23.99
(releases Jul 12 2016)
The Lake House
Kate Morton
Paperback | Jun 2016
on order $22.00
(releases Jun 7 2016)
The Nature of the Beast
Louise Penny
Paperback | Jul 2016
on order $18.50
(releases Jul 26 2016)
Children of Earth and Sky
Guy Gavriel Kay
Hardcover | May 2016
on order $34.00
(releases May 10 2016)
End of Watch
Stephen King
Hardcover | Jun 2016
on order $39.99
(releases Jun 7 2016)

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The Last Mile
David Baldacci
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $35.00
The Raven King
Maggie Stiefvater
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $24.99
Extreme Prey
John Sandford
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $38.00
Career of Evil
Robert Galbraith
Paperback | Apr 2016
in store $21.49
The Idea of Canada
David Johnston
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $32.00
Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All
Jonas Jonasson
Paperback | Apr 2016
in store $22.99
War Hawk
James Rollins
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $34.99
A Spool of Blue Thread
Anne Tyler
Paperback | Apr 2016
in store $21.00
The Ballad of Danny Wolfe
Joe Friesen
Hardcover | Apr 2016
in store $34.00
Fire Bound
Christine Feehan
Paperback | Apr 2016
in store $10.99

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We are pleased to be distributing for the
Number One New York Times Best Selling Author
Louise Penny
Her very own Three Pines 'Vive Gamache' cafe au lait mugs, Three Pines Tote Bags, Louise Penny perpetual calendars, Three Pines Teeshirs and Hoodies.
They are exclusively available at our store in Knowlton, Quebec Canada (a.k.a. Three Pines - well we like to think so anyway)

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Three Pines doesn't exist but many elements of the village were inspired by different places in the Eastern Townships of Quebec Canada. Here are some!   

Three Pines n'existe pas, mais de nombreux elements du village ont ete inspires par des endroits differents, en voici quelques un!

Bon Voyage!

Louise Penny

Abbey - "A waitress took their plates and a cheese platter arrived. 'These are all from the monastery at Saint Benoit du Lac', said Olivier, waving a cheese knife over the platter. 'Their vocation is making cheese and Gregorian chants. All their cheeses are named after saints. Here's Saint Andre, and this one's St-Albray'."

"Une serveuse vint chercher leurs assiettes et un plateau de fromages arriva.  -Ils sont tous de l’abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, dit Olivier en agitant un couteau au-dessus du plateau.  La vocation de ces moines est la fabrication de fromages et le chant gregorien.  Tous leurs fromages portent des noms de saints.  Voice le Saint-Benoit et celui-ci est le Saint-Augustin."


Dead Cold by Louise Penny pg. 285

Inspiration destination: Abbaye St-Benoit-du-Lac,
1 Main St., Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Qc. J0B 2M0

Bistro - "It was a restful room. The fires at either end of the beamed bistro took the gloom out of the day. Their light gleamed off the polished wood floors, darkened by years of smoke and farmer's feet. Sofas and large inviting armchairs sat in front of each fireplace, their fabric faded. Old chairs were grouped round dark wooden dining tables. In front of the mullioned bay windows three or four wing chairs waited for villagers nursing steaming cafe au lait and croissants, or scotches, or burgundy wine."


"Le bistro degageait une atmosphere paisible.  Les feux a chaque extremite de la piece chassaient la morosite de la journee.  Les flammes faisaient briller les parquets de bois cires, noircis au fil des ans par la fumee et les pieds de fermiers.

Devant chaque foyer se trouvaient des canapés et de larges fauteuils au tissu decolore.  De vieilles chaises entouraient des tables en bois fonce.  Pres des fenetres a meneaux, trois ou quatre bergeres attendaient les villageois qui voulaient prendre leur temps pour boire leur café au lait fumant et manger leurs croissants pour siroter leur scotch ou leur bourgogne."

The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny pg. 18 

Inspiration destination: Le Relais Restaurant Bistro,
286 Knowlton road, Knowlton Qc. J0E 1V0

Bookstore - "The store felt like an old library in a country house. The walls were lined with warm wooden shelves, and they in turn were lined with books. Hooked rugs were scattered here and there and a Vermont Castings wood stove sat in the middle of the store with a sofa facing it and a rocking chair on either side. Gamache, who loved bookstores, thought this was just the most attractive one he'd ever met."



"Cette librairie faisait penser a une vieille bibliotheque dans une maison de champagne.  Les murs etaient tapisses d’etageres de bois aux couleurs chaudes, elle-memes couvertes de livres.  Des tapis au crochet etaient eparpilles ici et la et un poele a bois Vermont Castings tronait au milieu de la piece, devant un canapé flanque de deux bercantes.  Gamache, qui adorait les librairies, n’en avait jamaix vu de plus belle."

Dead Cold by Louise Penny page 264


- "The walls were lined with bookcases filled with hardcovers and paperbacks. With fiction and biography, science and science fiction. Mysteries and religion. Poetry and cookbooks. It was a room filled with thoughts and feeling and creation and desires...A black cast-iron woodstove sat in the center of the room, with a kettle simmering on top of it and an armchair on either side." 

 How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny page 25


Inspiration destination: Brome Lake Books
264 Knowlton road, (as of May 1st, 2014 you will find us at our NEW location 30 Lakeside road), Knowlton Qc. J0E 1V0

Boulangerie - "Ruth stood on the top step of the church, balancing a plate of thick maple-cured ham sandwiches on Sarah's bread still steaming from the boulangerie."


"Debout sur la derniere marche de l’eglise, Ruth tenait en equilibre sur une assiette d’epais sandwichs au jambon a l’erable sur du pain encore fumant de la boulangerie de Sarah"

The Cruellest Month by Louise Penny page 44

Inspiration destination: La Rumeur Affamee
15 Principale Nord, Sutton Qc. J0E 2K0

Church - "The Chief Inspector's eyes drifted up du Moulin, and there, on the side of the hill leading out of the village, was the small white chapel St. Thomas's Anglican."



"Les yeux de l’inspecteur-chef remonterent la rue du Moulin, qui menait hors du village, et la, sur la colline, se dressait la petite chapelle anglicane Saint-Thomas."

The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny page 15

Inspiration destination: Church of St. Aidan 132 chemin Mont Echo, Sutton Junction Qc. J0E 1K0
Church of St. Aidan

General Store - "Paul Morin had never been in the store before and now he looked around. The Dark wooden shelves were neatly stacked with tins. Sacks of dog food and birdseed leaned against the counter. Above the shelves were old boxes with backgammon games. Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly. Paint by numbers and jigsaw puzzles were stacked in neat, orderly rows. Dried goods were displayed along one wall, paint, boots, birdfeeders were down another."



"Paul Morin, qui n’etait jamais entre dans le magasin, en fit le tour.  Les etageres en bois fonce etaient remplies de boites de conserve bien alignees.  Des sacs de nourriture pour chien et de grains pour les oiseaux etaient appuyes contre le comptoir.  Sur le dessus des etageres, il y avait de vieilles boites de jeux; jacquet, dames, serpents et echelles, Monopoly.  A cote, en ranges bien droites, etaient empiles des casse-tetes et des ensembles de peinture par numeros.  Des denrees non perissables etaient regroupees sur des tablettes le long d’un mur; le long d’un autre se trouvaient des pots de peinture, des bottes et des mangeoires."


The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny page 127

Inspiration destination: J.L. Le Baron Ltee 105 Main street, North Hatley Qc. J0B 2C0

Hadley House - "Armand Gamache stood at the door, Lemieux behind him, trying not to remember the last time he was there. Trying to see the Old Hadley House as just a building. And Buildings, he told himself, were just everyday materials. There's nothing special about this place. But still the house seemed to moan and shiver."



"A la porte, Armand Gamache, avec Lemieux a sa suite, essayait de chaser le souvenir de sa derniere visite et s’efforcait de considerer la vieille maison des Hadley come une simple construction.  “Les batiments, se disait-il, ne sont que de simples materiaux.  Ceux de cette maison se retrouvent dans la mienne a Outremont.  Celle-ci n’a rien de particulier.  Pourtant, elle semble gemir et trembler.”

Dead Cold by Louise Penny page 108 

Inspiration destination: The Old Mansion House 71 chemin Channel, Georgeville Qc. J0B 1T0

Jane's painting: Fair Day - "'This work is called Fair Day,' read Elise from her notes. 'It's being submitted by Jane Neal of Three Pines, a long time supporter of Arts Williamsburg, but her first submission.' Elise looked around 'Comments?' 'It's wonderful', Clara lied. The others looked at her in astonishment. Facing them on the easel was an unframed canvas and the subject was obvious. The horses looked like horses, the cows were cows, and the people were all recognizable, not only as people but specific people from the village. But they were all stick figures."



"Cette oeuvre s’intitule Jour de Foire, dit Elise en lisant ses notes.  Proposee par Jane Neal, de Three Pines, souscriptrice de longue date de la galerie de Williamsburg.  Sa premiere soumission.


Elise lanca un regard a tous.

-        Des commentaires?

-        C’est merveilleux, did Clara, faussement.


Les autres la regarderent, abasourdis.  Devant elle, sur le chevalet, etait posee une toile non encadree, au sujet evident.  Les chevaux ressemblaient a des chevaux, les vaches etaient des vaches, et les personnages etaient tous reconnaissables, non seulement en tant que personnes, maix en tant qu’habitants du village.  Mais c’etaient tous des bonshommes allumettes.  Ou, du moins, peut-etre un cran au-dessus des bonshommes allumettes.  Dans une guerre entre une armee de bonhommes allumettes et les figurants de Jour de Foire, ces derniers l’auraient emporte, ne fut-ce que parce qu’ils avaient un peu plus de muscles.  Et de doigts."


Still Life by Louise Penny page 9.

Inspiration destination: Fair Day was realized for a made for T.V. movie Still Life which aired on CBC television September 2013. The painting Fair Day hangs in the
Brome County Historical Society & Museum 130 Lakeside, Knowlton Qc. J0E 1V0

Manoir Bellechasse - "For there was something unnatural about the Manoir Bellechasse from the very beginning. It was staggeringly beautiful, the stripped logs golden and glowing. It was made of weed and wattle and sat right at the water's edge. It commanded Lac Massawippi, as the Robber Barons commanded everything. These captains of industry couldn't seem to help it."



"Le Manoir Bellechasse avait effectivement quelque chose de peu naturel.  Il etait d’une beaute stupefiante.  D’un jaune d’or, les rondins ecorces luisaient.  En bois et en clayonnage, le manoir se dressait sur le bord de l’eau et dominait tout.  Ces capitaines d’industrie semblaient incapables de s’en empecher."


The Murder Stone by Louise Penny page 2

Inspiration destination: Hovey Manor 575 rue Hovey, North Hatley Qc. J0B 2C0

Mill - "An old stone mill sat beside a pond, the mid morning sun warming its fieldstones. Around it the maples and birches and wild cherry trees held their fragile leaves, like thousands of happy hands waving to them upon arrival."



"Rechauffe par le soleil matinal, un vieux moulin en pierre des champs s’elevait au bord d’un etang.  Autour, les erables, les bouleaux et les cerisiers sauvages retenaient leurs feuilles fragiles, comme des milliers de mains heureuses accueillant leur arrive."


Still Life by Louise Penny page 31 


Inspiration destination: The Old Mill 7 Caleb street, stanbridge East Qc. J0J 2H0

School House - "'We need something more private, I'm afraid.' 'There's the old schoolhouse', Clara suggested. 'The one where Miss Neal worked?'"



"-Nous avons besoin d’un endroit plus prive, j’en ai bien peur.

-Il y a l’ancienne maison d’ecole, proposa Clara.

-Celle ou travaillait Mlle Neal?"


Still Life by Louise Penny page 64

Inspiration destination: Mystic School 297 ch. de Mystic, St-Ignace de Stanbridge Qc. J0J 1Y0

Article "How Quebecs Eastern Townships inspired crime writer Louise Penny"