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Hip-Hop Curriculum Resource Titles- Children's Picture Books
Hip Hop Board Book
Martin Ander
Hardcover | Oct 2012
not in store $19.50
(available for order)

Bun B's Rapper Coloring and Activity Book
Shea Serrano
Paperback | Sep 2013
not in store $13.95
(available for order)

Hip and Hop, Don't Stop!
Jef Czekaj
Hardcover | Feb 2010
not in store (out of stock indefinitely)

not in store (unavailable)

Hip Hop Speaks to Children
Nikki Giovanni
Hardcover | Oct 2008
in store $23.99

Rapping about Animal Homes
Bobbie Kalman
Library Binding | Apr 2012
not in store $41.99
(available for order)

Hip-Hop Dancers
Bobbie Kalman
Paperback | Jan 2010
not in store $7.99
(available for order)

When I Get Older
Hardcover | Sep 2012
in store $19.99

Shanna's Hip, Hop, Hooray!
Jean Marzollo
Apr 2004
not in store (out of print)

Hip Hop Dog
Chris Raschka
Hardcover | Feb 2010
not in store $21.00
(available for order)

M.C. Turtle and the Hip Hop Hare
David Vozar
Hardcover | Aug 1995
not in store (out of print)

Jazz Baby
Lisa Wheeler
Hardcover | Oct 2007
not in store $22.00
(available for order)
From First Canadians to African-Canadians
From the Caribbean to Asia
From Adults books to Children’s books
We open the door to literary gems from the Canadian Cultural Mosaic
Directions Home

George Elliot Clarke

Paperback $15.00


George Elliot Clarke

Hardcover $22.95

Olympian: 75 Years of Trinidad & Tobago in Olympic Sport 1934-2010

Basil A. Ince

Paperback $62.00

Black Meteors: The Caribbean in International Track and Field

Basil A. Ince

Paperback $37.00

Slouching Towards Sirte
NATO’s War on Libya and Africa
Maximilian Forte

Paperback $27.95

Haiti’s New Dictatorship

Justin Podur

Paperback $29.95

Directions Home
Approaches to African-Canadian Literature

George Elliot Clarke

Paperback $39.95

In the Black: New African Canadian Literature

Althea Prince

Paperback $19.95

Becky Johnson

Paperback $18.99

The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean

Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook

Paperback $45.00

The Space That Connects Us
Mansa Trotman

Paperback $17.95

The Meaning of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues

Angela Y. Davis

Paperback $18.50

The Stone Thrower
A Daughter’s Lessons, A Father’s Life: A Memoir
Jael Ealey Richardson

Paperback $24.95

From Tin Pan to Taspo
Steelband in Trinidad, 1939 - 1951

Kim Johnson

Paperback $68.50

A New Generation Draws the Line
Humanitarian Intervention and the “Responsibility to Protect” Today

Noam Chomsky

Paperback $18.95

The Sugar Barons
Family, Corruption, Empire, and War in the West Indies

Matthew Parker

Paperback $21.00
African Holistic Health
Llaila O. Afrika

Paperback $24.95

The T.D. Jakes Relationship Bible
Life Lessons on Relationships from the Inspired Word of God

T.D. Jakes

Hardcover $47.00

Sherman Alexie

Hardcover $31.50

The Gift of Fire/On the Head of A Pin

Walter Mosley

Hardcover $28.99

”Multiplication Is For White People”
Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children

Lisa Delpit

Harcover $32.50

Gender & Sexuality
Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists

Scott Neigh

Paperback $24.95

I Swear
Lane Davis

Hardcover $19.99

This High School Has Closets

Robert Joseph Greene

Paperback $9.95

Creatures Here Below: A Novel
O.H. Bennett

Paperback $17.50

There Was A Country
A Personal History of Biafra

Chinua Achebe

Hardcover $29.50

K.M. Walton

Paperback $11.99

Beggar’s Feast

Randy Boyagoda

Paperback $22.00

Sharon Flake

Hardcover $19.99


Nuruddin Farah

Paperback $17.00

A Decade of Scrunter
De Parang Now Start

CD $18.00

Los Pajaros
We Parangin’

Los Parangin’

CD $15.00

New Releases
Chasing Freedom
Nikki Grimes
Hardcover | Jan 2015
in store $20.99

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