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Mr. Mercedes
Stephen King
Paperback | Dec 2015
on order $12.99
(releases Dec 29 2015)
The High Mountains of Portugal
Yann Martel
Hardcover | Feb 2016
on order $32.00
(releases Feb 2 2016)
Spark Joy
Marie Kondo
Hardcover | Jan 2016
on order $24.99
(releases Jan 5 2016)
Veronica Roth
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $15.99
(releases Jan 19 2016)
A God in Ruins
Kate Atkinson
Paperback | Dec 2015
on order $22.00
(releases Dec 29 2015)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Naughty Night Crawlers from Neptune (Book 8)
Dav Pilkey
Paperback | Feb 2016
on order $6.99
(releases Feb 1 2016)
The Chessmen
Peter May
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $14.99
(releases Jan 5 2016)
I, Ripper
Stephen Hunter
Paperback | Dec 2015
on order $11.99
(releases Dec 29 2015)
The Princeling of Nanjing
Ian Hamilton
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $19.95
(releases Jan 12 2016)
Grain Brain
David Perlmutter
Paperback | Dec 2015
on order $20.49
(releases Dec 22 2015)

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