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Forthcoming Titles
All My Puny Sorrows
Miriam Toews
Paperback | Feb 2015
on order $22.00
(releases Feb 24 2015)
The First Bad Man
Miranda July
Hardcover | Jan 2015
on order $29.99
(releases Jan 13 2015)
Adventure Time/The Flip Side
Colleen Coover
Paperback | Jan 2015
on order $24.99
(releases Jan 27 2015)
We Should All Be Feminists
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Paperback | Feb 2015
on order $8.95
(releases Feb 3 2015)
Nature Anatomy
Julia Rothman
Paperback | Jan 2015
on order $21.95
(releases Jan 27 2015)
Les cancans du canard
Troy Wilson
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store $10.95
The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2014
Molly Peacock
Paperback | Nov 2014
on order $21.95
(releases Nov 24 2014)
McSweeney's Issue 48
Dave Eggers
Paperback | Dec 2014
on order $29.50
(releases Dec 23 2014)
My Cut-Out Pictures
Nathalie Parain
Paperback | Jan 2015
on order $21.95
(releases Jan 27 2015)
Country Road, The
Regina Ullmann
Paperback | Jan 2015
on order $17.95
(releases Jan 20 2015)
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New Releases
Saga Volume 4
Fiona Staples
Paperback | Dec 2014
in store $15.95
The Biggest Kiss
Joanna Walsh
Boardbook | Dec 2014
in store $9.95
Richard Mcguire
Hardcover | Dec 2014
in store $40.95
Laura Kipnis
Hardcover | Nov 2014
in store $28.95
Pippi Won't Grow Up
Astrid Lindgren
Hardcover | Dec 2014
in store $14.95
Family Life
Akhil Sharma
Hardcover | Apr 2014
in store $22.91

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