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  1. Click Log In if you already have an account or to Create an account.
  2. After creating account click on the list icon to the left of the cart.
  3. Create "New List" with your name or whatever you choose to name it
  4. You can leave comments in the speech bubble for any info you would like to leave for recipients.
  5. Choose your gifts, Click in the box next to your name. Gift will be automatically added to the list
  6. Bride/ or list creator can email link to recipients directly by using the "Share" option on the list. Recipients can view the list without creating an account but to order an item from the list, they need to create an account.
  7. We'll notify you when an item is purchased off the list.
  8. The bride/or list creator makes changes/ updates the list.
  9. To remove gifts click "Edit" delete gift from list, Click Save.
  10. We need your email address to notify you when a gift has been purchased. Email Us Here.