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Why I Read!
"Books never really end. They stay with you, good or bad, and can float into your mind quite without warning. Years later, the faint embers of a line drift across your conscience or a place you have visited only in print flickers by. The name of a character whirls around the brain like that of a primary school classmate. Books take root. A book alters you, only in a minor way and sometimes fleetingly, but you're never completely the same when you've finished as you were on page one." 
Daniel Gray in Scribbles in the Margins 50 Eternal Delights of Books
Join us on Tuesday, November 19th at 7 PM in the Admiral Ballroom at The Lord Nelson Hotel to celebrate Bookmark II's 30th anniversary. In addition to being in good book company, enjoying some good food and refreshments, the evening's highlights will include -
  • The inaugural Bookmark Readerity Reading Series Reading.
  • A panel of some of our region’s most celebrated authors moderated by former host of CBC’s Information Morning, Don Connolly, on the importance of independent bookstores, literacy and the printed word, and favourite books. 
  • A presentation on Bookmark’s #1 best-selling book over 30 years of book selling.
  • The UK based band, The Bookshop Band performing a surpise new song commissioned by Bookmark.
  • And more!
This is our way of thanking Halifax for 30 great years. It is certain to be a fun and inspiring event. This is a free event and everyone is welcome.
Bookmark celebrates 30 years in Halifax
After establishing a thriving bookstore in Charlottetown in 1972, the founding owner of Bookmark, Rodney Jones, decided to find a location for a bookstore in Halifax. Knowing the importance of location to retail success, Rodney secured a retail space near the busy and beautiful South Park and Spring Garden intersection, where the grand Lord Nelson Hotel overlooks the stunning Halifax Public Gardens.

In such a central part of the city’s downtown, it’s no surprise that Bookmark II quickly became and continues to be a cultural hub and commercial success. Since December 1989, the Spring Garden landscape has changed tremendously but one constant has remained: the well-stocked shelves and vibrant atmosphere in this physically small, yet outward looking bookstore.

In the ensuing decades, Bookmark’s reputation grew as it broadened its selection, hosted an increasing number of local, national and international author events and expanded customer service including sourcing special orders through smaller North American publishers, walking phone purchases to neighbourhood addresses and supporting the local literary community.  As a result of these and other efforts, Bookmark Halifax was awarded the Libris Award for Best Bookseller in Canada in 2010. Another significant highlight occurred when one of Canada’s most eloquent literary champions, the late Stuart McLean, chose the store as one of his three favourite independent bookstores in the country.

Store renovations in September 2016 under current owners Dan and Marlene MacDonald gave the store a fresh, more vibrant look. The renovations, combined with the introduction of a new point of sale and inventory program, positioned Bookmark II for continued success with its team of dedicated, knowledgeable booksellers and their love of the old-fashioned personal recommendation.

The challenges to independent bookstores over this time have been significant, including the rise of online shopping, digitization, the blurring of channels, big box retailers and more. These realities in 21st century bookselling have strengthened our resolve to continue doing what we do best, to cherish the amazing books that we carry and share that passion with those who visit us. In recent years we have seen a hopeful resurgence in independent bookselling enabled by a renewed interest in the esthetics of the physical book, buying local and imaginative and solid business practices.

Thank you Halifax readers for choosing to shop local!
“A place is not really a place without a bookstore.”
Gabrielle Zevin, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
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