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Artsy Cats Reusable Shopping Bag
Other | Jul 2020
5 in store $5.99
The World of Agatha Christie 1000-piece Jigsaw
Agatha Christie Ltd
Other | Aug 2022
2 in store $32.99
Around the World in 50 Trees 1000 Piece Puzzle
Jonathan Drori
Other | May 2022
2 in store $29.99
Puzzle Mat
Other | Jul 2022
2 in store $26.99
Sesame Street
Out of Print
Other | Feb 2022
1 in store $4.99
(more on order)
The World of Dracula 1000 Piece Puzzle
Adam Simpson
Other | Oct 2021
1 in store $29.99
Night Sky Guide - Folding Guide
Rick Fienberg
Other | Apr 2015
6 in store $11.95
Edible Flowers 1000 Piece Puzzle
Other | Aug 2021
1 in store $24.99
(more on order)
Necklite Reading Light
Inc Peter Pauper Press
Other | Dec 2019
1 in store $12.95
(more on order)
Last Will & Testament and Living Will (paper forms)
Press Self-Counsel
Other | Dec 2022
3 in store $16.95

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Get 'em while you can folks! We're finally able to stock Prince George-Opoly, Quesnel-Opoly, Fort Saint John-Opoly, Dawson Creek-Opoly, and Prince Rupert-Opoly! Have you ever wanted to grow increasingly frustrated with a loved one until you finally explode & throw the board game from the table? Now you can do it while fighting over properties like the Pine Centre Mall, UNBC, and Connaught Hill! 
Booker Prize Shortlist 2023See more

The International Booker Prize has announced the six titles on their 2023 shortlist.

The annual award celebrates the best works of fiction from around the world that have been translated into English and published in the U.K., or Ireland. The £50,000 (approx. $83,169 Cdn) grand prize is divided equally between writer and translator. 

French-Moroccan novelist Leïla Slimani, chair of this year's five-person panel, said in a statement that the shortlisted books "are all bold, subversive, nicely perverse." The shortlisted titles cover diverse themes ranging from the challenges of motherhood to the struggles of undocumented workers and the dangers of nostalgia.  She added: "I think I speak for the whole jury, when I say that I am proud of this list. I think it's a very cool, very sexy list."

2023 Canada Reads WinnerSee more
Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands is an untold story of Canada: a country that prides itself on its egalitarian ethos and natural beauty while simultaneously exploiting both the riches of its land and the humanity of its people.

Canada Reads is back! This year, the great Canadian book debate was looking for one book to shift your perspective.

Following two months of buildup and three days of heated debates, Kate Beaton's "Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands" - championed by Jeapardy! Champion Mattea Roach - was voted the 2023 Winner on March 30th. 

"We are all implicated in the story Ducks tells,"  Roach said during Canada Reads 2023 finale. "Ducks is one woman's story, but it is the story of an industry that we all rely on in some way. Whether we are people living in Alberta who go to work in the sands ... Whether we're people that live in central Canada who benefit from the wealth this industry creates. We are all implicated."

The stories we tell, and the way we tell them, can shape how we see ourselves, our communities and the world. This collection of books is an opportunity to broaden our horizons, expand our worldview and think differently about the world around us and our place in it.

Winner of the 2023 Jeanne Clarke Publication AwardSee more
“I have been exploring B.C. for many years — mostly along the backroads— and finding, not only delight in the amazing scenery but also a way back into time,” she said. “The history of B.C. unfolds along every First Nations trail and in their villages; then there are fur trading posts, gold rush roads and camps, old churches, pioneer ranchers and settlements, mines and railways, and forgotten graveyards. There is history and wonder everywhere. I hope that my books and photographs encourage people stuck in the big cities and wired into the technology of our times, to seek adventures for themselves. To put their footprints where others have long trod. Again, my thanks, and keep travelling.” 
        -author Liz Bryan

Source: "Jeanne Clarke awards handed out", Prince George Daily News, Feb 27 2023 

2022 Giller Prize WinnerSee more
When a mudslide strands a train, Baxter, a queer Black sleeping car porter, must contend with the perils of white passengers, ghosts, and his secret love affair
November 7, 2022 (Toronto, Ontario) – Suzette Mayr has been named the winner of the 2022 Scotiabank Giller Prize for her novel, The Sleeping Car Porter, published by Coach House Books, taking home $100,000 courtesy of Scotiabank.

The Sleeping Car Porter brings to life an important part of Black history in North America, from the perspective of a queer man living in a culture that renders him invisible in two ways. Affecting, imaginative, and visceral enough that you’ll feel the rocking of the train, The Sleeping Car Porter is a stunning accomplishment.
The Giller Prize (sponsored as the Scotiabank Giller Prize), is a literary award recognizing excellence in Canadian fiction. It is given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published in English (including translation) the previous year, after an annual juried competition between publishers who submit entries. The prize was established in 1994 by Toronto businessman Jack Rabinovitch in honour of his late wife Doris Giller, a former literary editor at the Toronto Star, and is awarded in November of each year along with a cash reward of CAN$100,000 (as of 2014).

2022-2023 Red Cedar Book AwardsSee more
Every school year, kids, teachers and families all over BC read books from the Red Cedar Book Awards nomination lists. They can do this individually or as a group! In late spring, kids vote for their favourite fiction and information books and the winners are announced before the end of the school year.
New ReleasesSee more
Fresh off the press! Grab 'em first & lord your knowledge/pro-active-ness over your friends as you talk incessantly about the book you just read. (C'mon, we all do it.)
Upcoming ReleasesSee more
Folks! We do pre-orders! If you have a book that you can't wait to get your hands on, let us know! Most of our big suppliers make pre-orders for popular titles available up to a year in advance!

If you are anxiously awaiting the release of a book & can't find it in our webstore, give us a ring at 250-563-6637 or email the booksters at! We'll happily do some investigation for you! Audiobook BestsellersSee more
Yes, you read that right. Thanks to our partners at, you can buy & downlaod digital audiobooks while still supporting Books & Company! We get a percentage of all sales & you get the convenience of an internet's worth of audiobooks on your phone, Mac, or PC! Win-win! :D

Look for the  button while browsing the books on our webstore to connect to Libro & nab the audiobook! Memberships are $14.95/month and get you a free audiobook every month!
Best Selling Book on Plants in Northern BC!See more
Guess who's back, back again, this book is back, tell a friend!

That's right! Finally after years of being out of print! Plants of Northern BC is back in print! 

More than 500 species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, ferns, mosses and lichens are illustrated and described. Revised and substantially updated, this comprehensive and accessible guide to a region rich in plant life includes new photographs and native uses of plants.

2022 Jeanne Clarke Award WinnerSee more
The 2022 Jeanne Clarke Publication Award went to Wendy Proverbs for her novel Aggie and Mudgy: The Journey of Two Kaska Dena Children. The novel focuses not on the two sisters’ experience in residential school, but on the harrowing 1,600-kilometre expedition that took the sisters from their home in Daylu (Lower Post) to Lejac Residential School.

(Taken from CKPG's coverage:

Sweet, Sweet Bargain BooksSee more
Did you know that we carry a LOT of bargain books? These are almost all still in new condition, but we were able to get them through a wholesaler at a heck of a discount. That means more money in your pocket & more cheap books on your shelves!