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2021 Book Award Winners
Damned If You Don't
Chris Kalman
10 in store $30.00
Two Trees Make a Forest
Jessica J Lee
Paperback | Jul 2020
1 in store $24.95
Finding the Mother Tree
Suzanne Simard
Hardcover | May 2021
not in store $34.95
(available for order)
A Feeling for Rock
Sarah-Jane Dobner
Paperback | Mar 2021
3 in store $24.50
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From his website:
Growing up, I didn’t dare to dream that my life might be so full of wonder. But it has been a phenomenal ride. With climbing as my compass, and writing as my vehicle, I’ve been across the American West, down perilous mountain roads in India and Morocco, through chaotic cities in China and Thailand, and among the untamed wilds of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

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Founded in 1979 by passionate and renowned mountaineers Tony and Gillean Daffern (they sold the company in 2004), RMB has grown to become one of Canada’s more vibrant, long-standing and evolving book publishers. Established to specialize primarily in guidebooks for hikers, climbers and skiers, RMB has repositioned itself for the 21st century and now successfully publishes and promotes a dynamic, growing list of provocative, engaging and award-winning books on mountain history, adventure travel, outdoor lifestyle, environmental consciousness, Indigenous culture, and contemporary photography—as well as a growing selection of bestselling books for children.
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Kevin Van Tighem, a former superintendent of Banff National Park, has written more than 200 articles, stories, and essays on conservation and wildlife which have garnered him many awards, including Western Magazine Awards, Outdoor Writers of Canada book and magazine awards, and the Journey Award for Fiction. He is the author of Bears Without FearThe Homeward WolfHeart Waters: Sources of the Bow RiverOur Place: Changing the Nature of Alberta, and Wild Roses Are Worth It: Reimagining the Alberta Advantage. He lives with his wife, Gail, in Canmore, Alberta.

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Mountaineers Books was established in 1960 by volunteers of The Mountaineers, first to make our climbing knowledge available in the form of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills (the world's best-selling climbing instructional text). That book spawned our publishing division, Mountaineers Books, which has grown along with our Pacific Northwest programs to get people into wilderness areas and build a community of advocates for wild places.