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And Other StoriesSee more
And Other Stories publishes some of the best in contemporary writing, including many translations. They aim to push people's reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous writing. And Other Stories want to open up publishing so that from outside it doesn't look like "some posh fremasonry."
Based in Sheffield, UK.
Anvil PressSee more
In their 31st year of publishing, Anvil has firmly established itself asa a publisher of progressive, contemporary Canadian literature with an urban sensibility, an award-winning publisher of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Anvil has become known for it's qualitry books and unconventional literary work. Based in Vancouver.
Archipelago BooksSee more

Archipelago Books is a not-for-profit perss devoted to publishing excellent translations of classics and contemporary world literature. In their first 15 years, they have brought out close to two hundred books from more that 35 languages.
Based in Breooklyn, NY.

A Strange ObjectSee more
A Strange Object independent press focusses on printing fiction. In 2019 they joined the non-profit publishing house Deep Vellum as an imprint. They are thrilled to be ble to continue their mission of publishing original voices in fiction ( as well as the occasional stellar memoir or brilliant but hard-too-categorize non-fiction).
Based in Austin, TX.
Atlas PressSee more
Atlas are a small publishing house devoted to publishing an "anti-tradition: of avant-garde literary and artistic dissentwhich they find rather more enterataining than he formalistic experimentation that has often passed as modernismin the English-speking canon.  The writing they publish is irrefutabley modern - albeit fromt he last 200 years - but never solemn; experimental, but not mere excercises in formalism; humourous but not (often) frivolous; it is extremist, demanding, delightful and somtimes appalling.
Based in London, UK.
Black Widow PressSee more
Publishers of contemporary poetry and poetry in translation. We have a particular emphasis on the Surrealists and other modern French and Romanian poets.

Our mission is twofold: to bring back into print (and keep in print) at an accessible price point those authors/titles that have had an impact on the cultural, literary, and/or artistic thought of the 20th (and 21st) century and to publish those poets who are still contributing today in a meaningful way to the same.
Bordighera PressSee more
Non-profit publisher of Italian-American literature since 1989. We publish works spanning award-winning poetry and prose to groundbreaking scholarship and research. Based in Indiana with editorial offices also in New York City, Bordighera Press has an international presence as the foremost publisher of italianità in North America.
Calamari PressSee more
A small-press book publishing company, founded in 2003. It has published over 70 book objects, including the literary magazine Sleepingfish and the acquired 3rd bed imprint. Some of these have been first books by emerging writers such as Blake Butler, Miranda Mellis, Robert Lopez, Peter Markus and Chiara Barzini, while others have been resurrected reprints of out-of-print cult classics by established writers such as David Ohle, Gary Lutz, Stanley Crawford and Scott Bradfield.
Dalkey Archive PressSee more
Publisher of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism in Illinois in the United States, Dublin, and London, specializing in the publication or republication of lesser known, often avant-garde works. The publisher is named for the novel The Dalkey Archive, by the Irish author Flann O'Brien.

Dalkey Archive's emphasis is decidedly upon literary fiction, usually of a modernist or postmodernist bent. Dalkey Archive "place[s] a heavy emphasis upon fiction that belongs to the experimental tradition of Sterne, Joyce, Rabelais, Flann O'Brien, Beckett, Gertrude Stein and Djuna Barnes." One of the publisher's primary goals is to keep all of its books in print, regardless of their commercial success, in the interest of maintaining the availability of works that it deems culturally and educationally valuable.
David R. GodineSee more
Small publishing house located in Boston, Massachusetts, producing between thirty and forty titles per year and maintaining an active reprint program. The company is independent (a rarity these days) and its list tends to reflect the individual tastes and interests of its president and founder, David Godine.
Deep VellumSee more

Not-for-profit literary arts organization that seeks to enhance the open exchange of ideas among cultures and to connect the world’s greatest writers with English-language readers through publishing international literature in translation, while fostering the art and craft of translation, and promoting a more vibrant literary community in the Dallas community and beyond.

Dorothy, A Publishing ProjectSee more
Recently named one of five small presses “slyly changing the industry for the better” (flavorwire), Dorothy, a publishing project is dedicated to works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction, mostly by women. Each fall, we publish two new books simultaneously. We work to pair books that draw upon different aesthetic traditions, because a large part of our interest in literature lies in its possibilities, its endless stylistic and formal variety.
Dzanc BooksSee more
Created in 2006 to advance great writing and to impact communities nationally with their efforts to promote literary readership and advocacy of creative writing workshops and readings offered across the country.
Publishes innovative and award-winning literary fiction, including short story collections and novels by accomplished and award-winning writers such as Roy Kesey, Yannick Murphy, Peter Markus, Hesh Kestin, Kyle Minor, Michael Czyzniejewski, Suzanne Burns, Peter Selgin, Laura van den Berg, Robert Lopez, Dawn Raffel, Jeff Parker, Terese Svoboda, and Henning Koch
Elixir PressSee more
Founded in Minneapolis in 2000 by poet and editor Dana Curtis. In 2004, Elixir moved to Denver. Elixir specializes in publishing poetry and literary fiction. We hold two poetry contests for full-length books every year and a fiction contest for a full-length book every two years.
Exact ChangeSee more

Publishes books of experimental literature with an emphasis on Surrealism, Dada, Pataphysics, and other nineteenth and twentieth century avant-garde art movements.

The press was founded in 1989 by Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, known outside publishing as musicians from the bands Damon & Naomi, and Galaxie 500.

Many Exact Change titles were originally published by larger houses, especially in the 1960s, but had more recently been left out of print; some were previously published in the U.K. but not in North America; others are new publications initiated by Exact Change. But in all cases these are books that we believe should be kept available always. We think of our list as a looking-glass version of the Penguin Classics or the Library of America, drawn from works that are equally important but have in general been neglected in the U.S.

Featherproof BooksSee more
Founded in 2005 by Zach Dodson and Jonathan Messinger with the intent to publish whatever they want. In 2014 they passed the torch to Tim Kinsella who—with the help of Jason Sommer and Roosevelt University—will carry on this mission, publishing strange and beautiful fiction and nonfiction and post-, trans-, and inter-genre tragicomedy.
Feminist PressSee more
An educational nonprofit organization founded to advance women's rights and amplify feminist perspectives. FP publishes classic and new writing from around the world, creates cutting-edge programs, and elevates silenced and marginalized voices in order to support personal transformation and social justice for all people.
Future Tense BooksSee more
Started in Spokane, Washington in 1990 and had a brief stint in Arkansas before moving to Portland, Oregon in 1992. Throughout the years, Future Tense has gone from scrappy xeroxed chapbooks (even before we had a computer) to beautifully designed paperbacks, limited edition hardcovers, our pocket-sized Scout Books series, and eBooks. We’re proud to have published many groundbreaking debuts and small press classics throughout the years. We take pride in publishing new and groundbreaking writers and books that take chances and go places where you might not expect. We’re committed to showcasing writers who are not just important and innovative, but also accessible and fun. We’re in this to create real art. We’re in this for the long haul.
Gaspereau Press 🍁See more
Founded in 1997 by Gary Dunfield & Andrew Steeves, Gaspereau Press is one of Canada’s most innovative and tenacious literary publishers. The award-winning press is known for the originality of its authors, the beauty of it’s books and the quality of its productions. It’s books—Smyth-sewn trade paperbacks, cloth-bound hardcovers and letterpress-printed limited edition—are produced in Gaspereau’s own printing works, located in the sleepy shiretown of Kentville, Nova Scotia.
The press employs an unusual mixture of techniques & technologies in its book production, ranging from traditional letterpress printing using metal type and photopolymer plates to modern offset lithographic printing using customized digital type. Trade paperbacks are Smyth-sewn for strength and flexibility and often sport handprinted jackets on handmade paper; hardcovers are case-bound by hand. From editing, typesetting and production to sales and promotion, this hands-on approach carries through every aspect of a book’s creation, resulting in a process which is as culturally enriching as the books it fosters.
Green LanternSee more
Founded in 2005, The Green Lantern Press is an artist-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to the production, integration, and dissemination of contemporary art, literature, and philosophy. Head quartered at Sector 2337, the press produces noncommercial works: experimental art exhibits, critical print publications, and free public programs that facilitate the growth and development of select artist projects, while engaging the surrounding community. In a world where the humanities must often defend themselves, The Green Lantern Press offers intimate examples of creative thought, demonstrating the value of artistic and intellectual pursuits in the public sphere.
Lazy Fascist PressSee more

Lazy Fascist publishes authors who, through careful exploration of unique linguistic landscapes, create monstrous, unclassifiable fictions. We value explosive language over explosive weapons, but think it’s best when we can have our Bruce Willis with our Borges.

We’ve published everything from minimalist dark comedies to meta-fictional SF, along with historical fiction, fairy tales for adults, and hybrid plays. We seek out books that are emotionally hard-hitting, critically engaging, and exhibit crisp, original prose. These books tend to be difficult to pigeonhole under any one banner, but together they form a complex mosaic of the disenfranchised, the poor, and others who are struggling to survive — and make an impact — in an increasingly bleak world. However, we’re not all about doom and gloom. We like to laugh, demand the absurd, and love great storytelling above all else.

Les Figues PressSee more
Les Figues Press is a nonprofit literary organization and award-winning, independent publisher of poetry, prose, visual art, conceptual writing, and translation.

Based in Los Angeles, our mission is to create aesthetic conversations between readers, writers, and artists. Les Figues Press publishes five to seven books a year and favors projects which push the boundaries of genre, form, and general acceptability. We also curate and host literary events, including readings, conversations, performances, and art salons.

Les Figues Press embraces a feminist criticality and editorial vision. We are interested in work that is aware of itself as a textual body within a history and culture marked (like physical bodies) by constructs of gender, race, class, and sexuality.

Melville HouseSee more
An independent publisher located in Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 2001 by sculptor Valerie Merians and fiction writer/journalist Dennis Johnson.
Melville House is well-known for its fiction, with two Nobel Prize winners on its list: Imre Kertesz and Heinrich Boll. In particular, the company has developed a world-wide reputation for its rediscovery of forgotten international writers. The company also takes pride in its discovery of many first-time writers.
New Rivers PressSee more
New Rivers Press publishes the best literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry written by new and emerging authors from around Minnesota and the world. We find our manuscripts through three global contests and general submission periods. 
Nightboat BooksSee more
Nightboat Books, a nonprofit organization, seeks to develop audiences for writers whose work resists convention and transcends boundaries, by publishing books rich with poignancy, intelligence and risk.
Nouvella BooksSee more
An independent publisher dedicated to novellas. Nouvella books are small, designed to fit in your back pocket or your purse, to take with you wherever you go. Form follows function, you know?
Open LetterSee more

the University of Rochester's nonprofit, literary translation press—is one of only a handful of publishing houses dedicated to increasing access to world literature for English readers. Publishing ten titles in translation each year and running an online literary website called Three Percent, Open Letter searches for works that are extraordinary and influential, works that we hope will become the classics of tomorrow.

Making world literature available in English is crucial to opening our cultural borders, and its availability plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and vibrant book culture. Open Letter strives to cultivate an audience for these works by helping readers discover imaginative, stunning works of fiction and poetry and by creating a constellation of international writing that is engaging, stimulating, and enduring.

O/R BooksSee more

OR Books is a new type of publishing company. It embraces progressive change in politics, culture and the way we do business.

Our list is highly selective: we publish just one or two books a month, combining established authors with new discoveries.

Our editorial standards are fastidious; our design clear and elegant.

We employ exciting promotion with highly creative use of video and the Internet.

To avoid the waste of unsold stock and returns, we produce our books only when they are wanted, either through print-on-demand or as platform-agnostic e-books.

This system allows a rapid publishing turnaround so relevant books can intervene quickly in issues of the day.

Pelekinesis BooksSee more
An independent book publishing company focusing on the development of literary-minded authors and artists by embracing the evolving publishing paradigm and creatively supporting the skills of these talented individuals.
Pushkin PressSee more
Founded in 1997, publishes novels, essays, memoirs, children’s books—everything from timeless classics to the urgent and contemporary. Our books represent exciting, high-quality writing from around the world: we publish some of the twentieth century’s most widely acclaimed, brilliant authors such as Stefan Zweig, Marcel Aymé, Teffi, Antal Szerb, Gaito Gazdanov and Yasushi Inoue, as well as compelling and award-winning contemporary writers, including Andrés Neuman, Edith Pearlman, Eka Kurniawan and Ayelet Gundar-Goshen. Pushkin Press publishes the world’s best stories, to be read and read again.
Semiotext[e]See more
Best known for its introduction of French theory to American readers, Semiotext(e) has been one of America’s most influential independent presses since its inception more than three decades ago. Publishing works of theory, fiction, madness, economics, satire, sexuality, science fiction, activism and confession, Semiotext(e’)s highly curated list has famously melded high and low forms of cultural expression into a nuanced and polemical vision of the present.
Short Flight / Long DriveSee more
Hobart Literary Journal's means of book publishing. 
Stonehouse PublishingSee more
Founded in 2014, Stonehouse Publishing publishes literary and trade fiction, with a special focus on historical fiction. Their list includes a diverse selection of titles and authors. Stonehouse ‘Originals’ imprint publishes the best of Canadian literature by new and established authors, while the ‘Classics’ line aims to introduce you to your favourite new classic novel.
Subito PressSee more
Subito Press is a non-profit publisher of literary works based out of the Creative Writing Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
We publish three books of innovative writing a year through our poetry, prose, and essay/ hybrid genre contests. 
Tin HouseSee more
Two Dollar RadioSee more

Two Dollar Radio is a family-run outfit founded in 2005 with the mission to reaffirm the cultural and artistic spirit of the publishing industry.
We aim to do this by presenting bold works of literary merit, each book, individually and collectively, providing a sonic progression that we believe to be too loud to ignore.

Two Dollar Radio was started in 2005 by Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf, an idealistic, young husband-and-wife team with a love of books. We were living in San Diego at the time, and after boomeranging back to New York City for a brief stint, we finally settled in Columbus, Ohio, where we are now proudly based, with our two children.

Two Lines PressSee more
We are dedicated to finding dazzling new, overlooked, and underrepresented voices, brought into English by the best translators, and to celebrating the art of translation. Our publications, events, and educational programming enrich the library of vital literary works, nurture and promote the work of translators, build audiences for literature in translation, and honor the incredible linguistic and cultural diversity of our schools and our world.
Wakefield PressSee more
Wakefield Press is an independent American publisher devoted to the translation of overlooked gems and literary oddities in small, affordable, yet elegant paperback editions. Our publications include the Wakefield Handbooks series (the guidebook as imagined through literature) and the Imagining Science series (science as imagined through literature), as well as forays into classic experimental fiction (literature as imagined through literature). Authors range from literary giants to those underrepresented (or unknown) in English.