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Iron Flame
Rebecca Yarros
Hardcover | Nov 2023
on order $39.99
(releases Nov 7 2023)
The Road Years
Rick Mercer
Hardcover | Oct 2023
on order $36.95
(releases Oct 31 2023)
No Brainer (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 18)
Jeff Kinney
Hardcover | Oct 2023
on order $17.99
(releases Oct 24 2023)
The Defector
Chris Hadfield
Hardcover | Oct 2023
on order $37.00
(releases Oct 10 2023)
Heartstopper #5
Alice Oseman
Paperback | Dec 2023
on order $21.99
(releases Dec 19 2023)
Cat Kid Comic Club
Dav Pilkey
Hardcover | Nov 2023
on order $16.99
(releases Nov 28 2023)
The Woman in Me
Britney Spears
Hardcover | Oct 2023
on order $39.99
(releases Oct 24 2023)
Moon of the Turning Leaves
Waubgeshig Rice
Paperback | Oct 2023
on order $24.95
(releases Oct 10 2023)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rick Riordan
Hardcover | Sep 2023
on order $26.99
(releases Sep 26 2023)
The Mystery Guest
Nita Prose
Paperback | Nov 2023
on order $24.95
(releases Nov 28 2023)

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