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Specials in effect from Oct 16-21, 2017 while supplies last.
Victoria Zackheim
Paperback | Feb 2015
in store (bargain) $5.00
Jesus of Nazareth
Dorothee Soelle
Paperback | Jul 2002
in store (bargain) $5.00
A Call to Action
Jimmy Carter
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store (bargain) $5.00
God Gave Us Sleep
Lisa Tawn Bergren
Hardcover | Sep 2015
in store (bargain) $6.00
The New Q
Richard Valantasis
Hardcover | Nov 2005
in store (bargain) $20.00
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Very Short IntroductionsSee more
This is a series of books published by Oxford University Press providing the reader with an introduction to a variety of topics.
Reformation 500See more

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his “Ninety-Five Theses” in the city of Wittenberg. That event forever changed not only the landscape of Western Christianity but the course of world history as well.To help you explore and observe the 500 years of Reformation, we have compiled a list of reading suggestions.  Encounter the events and the characters of the Reformation story.

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With all the books that are published, some times we miss a title along the way.  These are ones that have come to our attention and while not technically "new" they are new arrivals for us.
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These books are new publications (or new to paperback) titles that can be preordered.

Price may vary slightly based on US$ exchange rate at the date of publication.

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