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It's always important, but in light of recent events, it's more pressing than ever to support black authors, learn about the effects of systemic racism, and how to fight it. Below, we have books for all ages split into two major categories: self-education on antiracism and beyond, and books by black authors. It's important to educate oneself on how to recognize and fight racist systems and listen to the experiences of black people. It's similarly important to celebrate the triumphs of the black community and support their books. The works of black authors and artists have always been an integral and vibrant part of world literature, but they are often unrecognized or discredited. These books matter. 
Credit to these people and organizations for for bringing attention to many of these books and making sure they have a platform: the staffPrincess Weekes and the It's Lit staff, and Christine Taylor-Butler for starting this wonderful thread. (Unfortunately, Ms. Taylor-Butler's books are unavailable from our distributor, but we're going to keep trying!) Further, check out the Coretta Scott King Book Award recipients here.
We're going to continue adding books here.
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