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These are the audiobooks our booksellers love!
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There's an audiobook for everyone, no matter what genre you like.'s catalog of over 125,000 audiobooks is wonderful...but it can sometimes be hard to find what you want. Our picks are here to help you out!
Are you a first-time listener? So are many of our booksellers! Look at our "first-time listener" picks right at the top to help you ease into easy listening.
Recommendations for First-time Listeners

All Systems Red (and the whole Murderbot Diaries series)
Martha Wells

Recommended by: Everyone
Length: 3h17m
"Would murder for Murderbot." 
This book, and all the other books in the series, took our bookstore by storm! We immediately fell in love with Murderbot: a security unit (SecUnit) droid who hacked its governor module, giving itself free will. You would expect a rogue killing machine to go on a murderous rampage, but instead Murderbot...just watches a lot of TV. And can't help but protect the people it's assigned to, and there's where our adventure starts. 
We recommend All Systems Red to everyone, but especially to new audio listeners because it's a short but complete, exciting, and engaging story, and the performance of the reader makes it easier on those who aren't used to listening to books yet. This was actually one bookseller's first audiobook! (Plus, as of this writing, the audiobook is a little less than the paperback.) And if you fall in love with Murderbot just as our booksellers did, there's a whole series to continue with!
Artificial Condition: 3h23m
Rogue Protocol: 3h46m
Exit Strategy: 3h46m
Network Effect: 12h47m

Every Heart a Doorway
Seanan McGuire

Recommended by: Alexandra & Jessica
Length: 4h44m
Every Heart a Doorway is an award-winning fantasy novella and a portal fantasy at its finest. You know all those kids who end up having adventures in different worlds, like Alice or Wendy? What happens when kids like them grow up in a different world...and then come back to a world that is now completely strange to them? In this story, they go to Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children, a secret safe haven for kids who aren't where they belong. 
A delightfully read and compact story, this is one we recommend for first-time listeners. 
We also recommend two other books from the series, which feature characters from the first book in their own standalone tales. Feel free to read them in whatever order!
Down Among the Sticks and Bones: 4h4m
In an Absent Dream: 4h57m

21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Yuval Noah Harari

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 11h40m
A good nonfiction audiobook for first-time listeners! It was inspiring and had a great message to not be fearful...and to take care of your mental health.

Down a Dark Hall
Lois Duncan

Recommended by: Alexandra
​Length: 5h3m
​A wonderful audiobook for when you're in the mood for a spooky mystery when the leaves are red and crackling. The reader's warm voice elevates this boarding school mystery into a wonderful experience! A good audiobook to curl up under the covers with.

Killing Gravity (and the whole Voidwitch Saga)
Corey J. White

Recommended by: Alexandra
Length: 3h24m
​Take Eleven from Stranger Things and plunk her in the middle of a bloody found-family space adventure and you get Killing Gravity
The story follows Mars, a voidwitch with incredible telekinetic powers on the run from the organization who created her, MEPHISTO. There are tons of action scenes with lots of floaty telekinetic powers (she regularly crushes whole spaceships), interesting new planets and characters, a satisfyingly scary show off with the big bad, and a mutant cat familiar thing who mostly lives in Mars’ hood. 
The reader performance in this audiobook is really what set it apart for me: listening to how Maarleveld interpreted the characters and their dialogue made me feel like I was sinking into a warm bath. 
At about three and a half hours, this is a great audiobook for anyone who loves space action and is trying out audio for the first time.
And if you get attached to the characters (like I did), there are two more books to follow them on! They get dark.
Void Black Shadow (length: 4h20m)
Static Ruin (length: 4h19m)

(We know the covers for the books and audiobooks are different, we can't figure out why either.)

Don't You Forget About Me
Mhairi McFarlane

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 10h16m
​An excellent contemporary romance — the reader has a nice northern English accent. 

Recommended Audiobooks for Everyone

Consider This
Chuck Palahniuk

Recommended by: Spenser
Length: 5h51m
​Novelist Chuck Palahniuk takes readers behind his writing process, offering advice and a love letter to storytelling and storytellers. 

The Flatshare
Beth O'Leary

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 9h34m
​After a bad breakup, Tiffy is desperate to find an affordable apartment, and agrees to a flatshare with night-shift-worker Leon. Their schedules work out that they never meet, but they start leaving each other notes that slowly deepen into a friendship...

The Splendid and the Vile
Erik Larson

Recommended by: Spenser
Length: 17h42m
The acclaimed author of The Devil in the White City returns with an intimate look at Winston Churchill's life during the Blitz, including how he kept his nation together and the exploits of his family. 

Assassin's Apprentice (and the whole Farseer Trilogy)
Robin Hobb

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 17h19m
​​Fitz is the bastard son of Prince Chivalry, raised in obscurity by the castle's stableman. His existence forced his father to abdicate the throne to his younger brother, and he's largely ignored by noble society. Only King Shrewd takes an interest in young Fitz, and has secretly trained him as an assassin and tutored him in the secrets of the Skill, a magical ability in Fitz's bloodline that would get him killed if discovered. As Fitz grows into adulthood, the country is being attacked by raiders on the coast who leave behind zombie-like townspeople to wander the countryside. Fitz may be a threat to the throne, but he might also be the key to saving it. 
If you fall in love with the first book, there are two others as well!
Royal Assassin (length: 29h17m)
Assassin's Quest (length: 37h35m)

When We Were Vikings
Andrew David MacDonald

Recommended by: Spenser
Length: 10h14m
Zelda, a 21-year-old Viking enthusiast, lives with her older Gert. They live by simple rules, but when Zelda learns that Gert has turned to questionable methods to keep them afloat financially, she decides to undertake her own quest. 

Sawkill Girls
Claire Legrand

Recommended by: Alexandra
​Length: 12h57m
​​This one ticked all the boxes for me: urban legends, a dangerous spirit in the woods, a family who sold their souls for power, girls forced to fight with newfound abilities, creepy government organizations, and a high-stakes murder mystery. Plus, the reader of this audiobook gave a truly memorable performance, particularly for her impressive portrayal of a demonic possession that I'll never forget. Definitely not to be missed!

The Diviners
Book 1 of the Diviners series
Libbra Bray

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 18h12m
​Evie has been exiled from her hometown and shipped off to her occult-obsessed uncle in 1920s New York City. At first she worries that he will discover the supernatural power she has, but when he is pulled into an occult murder mystery, she realizes she could help catch a serial killer. 

Songs from the Deep
Kelly Powell

Recommended by: Jessica
Length: 9h2m
​Moira loves the deadly sirens who live on the shores of her island town, playing her violin for them at a safe distance. But when a local boy is murdered, the sirens are blamed, and the siren hunting ban might be lifted, she dedicates herself to solving the mystery.