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An African girl goes to college in space, but is attacked by terrifying aliens. You won't want to stop with the first book. 

A very ambitious novel in which the Archangel Gabriel has been murdered, and the Jericho Trumpet stolen, creating a cosmic crisis. On the case is Bayliss,  a cynical fallen angel who models himself after Philip Marlowe. An amazing murder mystery laced with mathematics, physics, metaphysics, noir trappings and great dialog. Well worth reading. 

...Whether you enjoy superheroes, comics, or revenge tales, Vicious will draw you in. While Schwab is preparing a second book in the series, Vicious also works perfectly as a standalone.

This felt like a modern And Then There Were None and I enjoyed it the whole way through! It involves a cast of characters all gathered for a wedding ceremony held on a stormy, isolated island in Ireland. Things turn sour, and this slow burner turns into a classic whodunnit. It comments on classism in a really interesting way, in a spooky and perilous setting. I thought this was a quality thriller with well written characters and a satisfying ending.

There was a time when just about everyone I knew had read  Geek Love and it went a long way towards informing our collective embrace of our own "outsiderness." RIP, Katherine Dunn.

...Tsushima weaves dream-like prose with passages of all-too-human tenderness to create an experience that is by turns heartbreaking and alienating, disorientating but poignant. Elegant and gorgeous.

The Jeremy Irons narrated audio edition of Lolita is simply one of the best audiobooks ever... See all of Matt P.'s Picks!

From the greatest enigmas of the cosmos to the timely spontaneities that created us to the underlying intricacies of our function to the perils most threatening to our existence, this book covers it all. Whether you are interested in astronomy, microbiology, geology, physics, chemistry, or ecology, I recommend this aptly titled work to science whizzes and history buffs alike!

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...when I finally got my hands on it, it more than met my expectations: it electrified me. In just over one hundred pages, this slim novella managed to get me more involved and emotionally invested than some full-length novels...


​Cats. The IRA. Splinter groups. Splinter groups of splinter groups. Mad Irishmen. But mostly cats....At times dark and other times ridiculous, The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a great read for anyone looking to enjoy comedy that is just a little bit twisted.


...An excellent read for a zombie lover or anyone who enjoys well thought out and multi-dimensional characters.

This dark, steampunk/Victorian mystery is Ocean's Eleven meets Amsterdam. The character development is superb and overall it blends magic, action, humor, and romance skillfully.

Imagine all the pagan gods our ancestors believed in when they came over to The New World still walk among us, and are now at war with "the new gods" of the technology that we poor souls can't live without.

Jane Austen's sincerity and wit shines brightly in this novel. Elizabeth Bennett is a heroine that stands the test of time. "I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh."

This book will motivate you to take your life to the next level.

Dark, beautiful tales to disturb your dreams. These bite-sized nightmares are so lovingly illustrated, you can't quite look away, even if you really, really want to... A fantastically creepy, stunning debut by a talented young artist.

"It's about to get very dark you see."  Equal parts strange, delightful, and horrifying, I spent the first third of this book utterly confused. Classified best as dark fantasy, Hawkins immediately plunges into the story of Carolyn, her siblings, and Steve. Breathtaking in it's scope and creativity, this book is unlike anything I've ever had the pleasure to read. The events are visceral and haunting, the characters startlingly human...but not entirely.

Great series, very imaginative and entertaining. Each new title adds to the intrigue, depth, and complexity.