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Judith's Picks
Judith is the store manager at Owl's Nest Books.  She loves knitting and jogging along the Elbow River (but not at the same time). She lives with Zelda (the cat) named after both the video game and the Lost Generation writer.  She is on a mission to read 100 books in 2018! 
Susan's Picks
Susan is co-owner of the store. When she's not in the back room "cooking the books", she's reading and recommending mysteries, romantic suspense, and fantasy.

Sarah's Picks
Sarah is our Events Manager Extraordinaire.  A published author herself, she brings her love of eclectic fiction to our more than 120 author events each year.  She also has great accuracy with a stuffed owl. 
Michael's Picks
Michael is co-owner of the store.  Semi-retired, he used to be a snob for depressing literary fiction, but has recently been pulled to toward the Dark Side of Reading, aka Genre Fiction.  
Sandy's Picks
Sandy is has held the volunteer position of Receiver General for 19 years and is our Official Champion Speed Reader, known to get through three or more cosy mysteries in a single bound day.  
Michelle's Picks
If you're wanting Girl Guide Cookies, Michelle can hook you up.  She enjoys history (both fiction and non-) and mysteries, with an extra fondess for books in translation.  
Irene's Picks
Irene is the Owl's Nest Artist-in-Residence.  When she's not taking classes to improve her own style in watercolours, she reads.  Her favourites are artist's memoirs and other non-fiction. 
Sue's Picks
Sue is our Champion of the Short Story and a former bookstore owner. After the sale of Monkeyshines Children's Books, she decided she hadn't had enough and is now monkeying around at the Nest between her volunteering gigs.  
Kristi's Picks
Kristi joined the Owl's Nest in the fall of 2016, bringing with her a keen eye for organization.  She's a devotee of of science-ficiton & fantasy. 
Tina's Picks
Tina joined the Owl's Nest family through volunteering at Wordfest.  With her sunny personality we just had to pressgang her into being permanent bookseller.  She loves picture books and mid grade fiction.