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History and Mission

The VYP was founded in 2009 by two passionate and committed activists who have since moved on to other adventures. The purpose of the VYP is to provide a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies to meet, share, and foster a community. The Halifax office of the NS Youth Project, which has been running since 1993, provides a safe, supportive, youth-directed environment where youth from across Nova Scotia can have access to information, peers, support, and social activities. Like the Nova Scotia Youth Project, our goal is to make Nova Scotia a safer, healthier, and happier place for young people of all sexual orientations and identities.
Organizing Model

The Halifax-based Nova Scotia Youth Project is our parent organization; they provide logistical support, for example by handling our donations and invoices, and we operate under their policies.  However, we do our own fundraising.  As a small satellite operation, we have no paid staff and an official budget of $0.  Through the generous support of the Village of New Minas, we don’t pay for the youth drop-in room that we use twice a month.  The support of private individuals allows us to buy snacks for drop-in, pay for gas for workshop leaders, and organize trips to Halifax, for example to see the Pride Parade. We hold organizing meetings once per month, where we make decisions by consensus.  We endeavor to reply to emails within a week.  If your inquiry is something that we need to meet to discuss, we will reply to let you know we’ve received your message; be aware that our decision may have to wait until after the next organizing meeting.
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