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NIV, The Telos Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print
Hardcover | Oct 2022
on order $49.99
(releases Oct 4 2022)
Jonathan Cahn
Paperback | Sep 2022
on order $26.99
(releases Sep 6 2022)
Help is Here
Max Lucado
Paperback | Sep 2022
on order $24.99
(releases Sep 13 2022)
The Florence Legacy
Lauraine Snelling
Paperback | Aug 2022
on order $21.99
(releases Aug 30 2022)
More Than a White Man's Religion
Abdu Murray
Paperback | Sep 2022
on order $23.99
(releases Sep 27 2022)
Any Day Now
Amir Tsarfati
Paperback | Sep 2022
on order $5.99
(releases Sep 6 2022)
Winning the War on Worry
Louie Giglio
Paperback | Sep 2022
on order $15.99
(releases Sep 20 2022)
Whoo-Whoo Hears You?
B&H Kids Editorial Staff
Boardbook | Aug 2022
on order $11.99
(releases Aug 9 2022)
Bible Story Crosswords for Kids
Compiled by Barbour Staff
Paperback | Aug 2022
on order $10.99
(releases Aug 1 2022)
Revival Breakthrough
James W Goll
Paperback | Aug 2022
on order $22.99
(releases Aug 30 2022)
The King's Signet Ring
Chuck D Pierce
Paperback | Aug 2022
on order $22.99
(releases Aug 9 2022)
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Sunday, Monday, and Holidays: CLOSED
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Wearing a mask in our store is no longer mandatory, but is still welcome.

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Welcome to Pass the Word Bibles, Books & More - Online!

We are a non-profit store serving Regina and southern Saskatchewan. We sell a variety of Christian products – new and used books, art, CDs, DVDs, jewellery, gift items, clothing, greeting cards, plus much more. Whether you’re looking for the latest book releases, or are wondering if we have one that’s out of print in our used section, you can find it on our web store. If you can’t find an item you’re looking for online, please feel free to contact us at the store (see the information at the top of the page). We’d love to serve you!

Although we attempt to have the pricing on our web store as accurate as possible, occasionally there are discrepancies. We will verify the pricing and an approximate arrival time on all web store orders.

Also, for many items where the suppliers' descriptions indicate they are sold as multiples such as (6s) or (Pack of 6), the pricing is for each one, not a package. Confusing? We agree. Please call if you would like clarification.
Our special order policy is that all products which are not regularly stocked items must be pre-paid and are non-returnable.

As part of our webstore agreement with one of our suppliers, our BARGAIN PRICED BOOKS and SALE BOOKS are to be considered as being USED. While these titles are not the same as our true used books, it should be noted that they are not in new condition.
Additionally, our mandate is to sell Christian products designed to bless, encourage, and enrich your Christian walk. If a requested item is outside of this scope, we will send you an email notifying you of its unavailability from our store.

Until further notice, ALL SALES FINAL.

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For those who don't receive our emails, here is the "Message from the Manager" from our most recent edition:


"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.” Matthew 7:13 NASB

Greetings, Friends!

For many years, Duck Mountain Provincial Park has been one of my favourite parks for both the kayaking and hiking. Sadly, this changed on my recent visit. The Woodland Nature Trail was a favourite of mine for its ease of access from the campground and the beautiful lakeside hike. I was dismayed when I discovered that most of the trail has been demolished. A myriad of trees have been bulldozed. Instead of a trail, it’s now the width of a road. At every turn, I encountered more destruction. I don’t know what their plans are, but from a hiker’s viewpoint, this area has been ruined. 
As I was lamenting how wide a path they have cleared, the above scripture came to mind. Perhaps because it was so close to Canada Day, it also reminded me of what has been happening in Canada. In the name of progress, our government has been bulldozing the Christian roots of our country, and replacing them with a broad path that is leading to destruction. 
Our leaders remind me of Pilate when he was talking to Jesus. When Jesus told him that He came to bear witness to the truth, Pilate responded, “What is truth?” (John 18:37-38) Then, despite finding no fault in Jesus, he had Him scourged and crucified. Today, too, truth seems to be considered irrelevant. 
It breaks my heart to observe the direction Canada is heading. But what can we do? I believe the most important thing is to pray. Every great move of God was founded in prayer. If we want God to move in our country, we need to be petitioning Him constantly. Pray for our leaders. Pray that the Truth would become known across our country. Let’s pray that Canada would turn away from her current path, and that revival would spread across our land!


God bless you for your support of this local, non-profit store.

Debra Wall - on behalf of
the staff and volunteers at Pass the Word Bibles, Books & More


Community Link Regina logo      Community Link Regina's Featured Ministry: 

Your Local VBS and Church Camps

Every summer, hundreds of kids attend 5-Day Clubs in local homes, Vacation Bible School in nearby churches, and summer camps across the province. For many, this is their only exposure to the Gospel.

In order to have as great a reach as possible, these groups need our support. Let's do our best to reach young lives for Christ this summer!

Ways you can support these ministries:
  • Volunteer to help at your church's VBS or camp. For most organizations, this is the only way they can offer these programs at affordable prices.
  • Donate cookies or other needed resources.
  • Sponsor a child who otherwise couldn't afford to go.
  • Above all, pray that lives would be changed and families would be touched for God.
You can be sure these ministries will reap lasting rewards. God bless you for your support!
***For information about events in Regina and area, please visit our Community Link website.


Listen to audiobooks while supporting Pass the Word!
Learn more on our Audiobooks page.