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Listen to audiobooks while supporting Pass the Word!

We are proud to offer audiobooks through our partner, the only audiobook provider that shares a piece of the purchase with us. Choose from over 100,000+ audiobooks, including new releases and bestsellers. You can easily listen on any device (phone, tablet, PC), as all audiobooks are DRM-free (meaning you can download and listen to them on multiple devices and platforms).
The best way to find Christian audiobooks is by browsing or searching right here on, and look for the  Buy Audiobook  button below a title's cover.

Please Note: If you get an error message when you transfer to the site, search for that title on, as they likely have a similar edition available.

Know exactly what you want? Not all available titles show the "Buy Audiobook" button, so you might want to browse for specific titles and authors on


Your first month is FREE, and then $14.99 (USD) per month when you start a monthly membership. Membership provides one audiobook credit each month, plus 30% off additional audiobooks and audiobook gifts. Credits never expire, and can even be shared as gifts.
How to get started
  1. Search or Browse titles here, then click the  Buy Audiobook  button, or visit Select your first audiobook to purchase (a-la-carte or through the membership), and follow steps to create an account.
  2. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the FREE iOS or Android App, for easy listening on your mobile device.
  3. Sign into the app and download your audiobook(s) to your device.
  4. Start listening.