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Welcome to Upstart and Crow!

Our physical space is open on Granville Island (1387 Railspur Alley), Tuesday-Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to what we have in stock, we accept special orders for a majority of titles in print. Shop online here, email us at, or give us a call at 604-558-1124. Thank you for supporting us by choosing to shop locally.

Browse the lists below to discover some of our new and favourite titles, or use the search bar above to find a specific title.

We love to hear your thoughts and to know what titles you’re reading right now. Connect with us on Instagram @upstartandcrow.
New and NotableSee more
See which titles have just landed at Upstart and Crow!
Titles You’ve Seen on our Instagram.See more
Books featured at @UpstartandCrow.
Event BooksSee more
Titles we've celebrated with author conversations and launches.
Indigenous StorytellersSee more
Indigenous storytellers and essential voices.
Found in TranslationSee more
Cutting-edge fiction from around our glorious globe.
Ukraine, Russia and Resisting the RegimeSee more
Books by Ukrainian, Russian and Eastern European authors that inform, provoke, and galvanize in the face of war. 
LGBTQ2IA+See more
Books about/ by queer authours. 
Pro-Choice ReadingSee more
In the face of injustice, we can broaden our minds, read, and be inspired to create change. 
Books by Black AuthorsSee more
Celebrating Black excellence.
Team Picks: Chelsea's Favourite ReadsSee more
The revisited, post-it note covered, underlined, cherished titles close to my heart, plus those I can't get off my mind. 
Team Picks: Ian’s Favourite ReadsSee more
A mix of old and new, with a few personal quirks for good measure.
Team Picks: Zoe's Favourite ReadsSee more
Modern-day classics of varying fame, these are Zoe's favourite books to recommend.
Team Picks: Robyn's Favourite ReadsSee more
She'll read just about anything, but these are Robyn's favourite books to recommend.
Being HumanSee more
On finding oneself, and what that means.
EroticaSee more
Books for shivers, books for desires, books for discovering more. 
Flora & FaunaSee more
The beautiful, strange, complex world: examined. 
Strong Female LeadsSee more
Established and emerging women's voices.
JusticeSee more
After love, is there anything else more important?
Literary MagicSee more
Books with that "special something" we love.
ObservationsSee more
Essays and clarion calls that cut through the noise. 
PhilosophySee more
Planet & PoliticsSee more
Explore the world around us.
PoetrySee more
Transcendent work from national and international writers.
Riveting LivesSee more
The lives of others, boldly shared.
WomenSee more
On living as one.