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a cat stretched out on the floor
Shulokhana (she/her) has been with Bluestockings as a bookbuyer since July of 2019. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to horror podcasts in broad daylight only, learning about pirates, and drinking shocking amounts of coffee.
embroidered patch of a worm wearing glasses in an apple with the text "library are 4 bookworms NOT cops"
Raquel (she/they) is the creator of most of the cute graphics and posts on the Bluestockings instagram and newsletter. A queer Cuban-American future-librarian, she spends their days embroidering art and collecting book recommendations.
gray cat sticking out their little tongue
Joan (they/them) is Bluestockings' events coordinator on top of being a lover of all (or at least, most) queer comics and graphic novels. When they're not hosting events, they're usually taking time out to write their thoughts on different forms of media somewhere on the Internet or taking care of their two cat children.
beautiful collage of flower images and a femme throwing off chains with text "Ripping up anti-prostitution penal code" and "sex workers are comrades"
Red (they/them) is a queer, non-binary femme educator, community organizer and zinester. They are a current worker-owner cooperative member, and the zine coordinator for Bluestockings Cooperative. They are also a member of the Support Ho(s)e collective, Survived & Punished NY, Hacking//Hustling, and help coordinate the Justice for Alisha Walker Defense Campaign. Red’s zine-making centers collage-as-therapy, sex worker-led resistance, currently incarcerated comrades’ stories, and (destigmatizing) survival.
wonderfully fluffy cat Mona looking at you right in the eye
Salonee (she/her) is a historian, educator, and co-op member who lives and works in New York City. At Bluestockings, she buys (and sells!) books. She likes to read about work, cities, migration, and the intimacies of everyday life.
Black and white illustration of a little owl comrade reading a book by candlelight
Matilda Sabal (they/them) is a disabled artist and disability justice organizer working in New York City and does a little bit of everything for Bluestockings. They are a mixed media, textile and social practice artist, exploring the intersection of bodies, costumes and identity. Their favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction medical and radical history.
Sammie (she/her) is a Queens-based jewish dyke, aspiring therapist, dancefloor enthusiast, and morning person. She's been hanging around Bluestockings since about 2015 and now works with the fundraising team.
This is my large adult son Monkey (he is a cat) with some choice reads.
Emily (she/her) is a sex worker, advocate, sometimes writer, and soon-to-be social worker who has been a part of the Bluestockings team since 2019. She's looking forward to getting back into zine making after graduation!
A lush green forest
Jay (she/they) is part of our orders fulfillment team, and enjoys BIPOC centered narratives, learning about radical praxis, political/economic theory, environmental exploration, sci-fi, and urban structures/systems. They've started to observe the lunar cycles and read tarot cards, and are thrilled to remove the Western, empirical, logic/rational-based blinders.

tiny fluffy dog named Beau on a gray couch
Abygai (she/they) is Bluestockings' newsletter editor among many other things, and loves to rollerskate, sew and play with their dog when they're not working at Bluestockings. Abygai's favorite books vary wildly but she still has a lot of love for YA and Science Fiction!