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In the Enemy Camp

It looks as if I’m to
spend my life in enemy
camps. 2 months ago I
finally got free of San
Quentin and the Calif
Dept of Corrections --
after 5½ years. So I
came to Peoria to free-
load and Write. Now for
2 months I haven’t heard
Art Pepper or Gerry
Mulligan or Jimmy Giuffre
-- not even on the radio
Farmer Bill but no Charlie
Mingus or John Handy. To-
day I got funny looks when
I walked around town in
my go-aheads. The whore-
houses have been closed
since 1953 and when I
offered to eat a girl
up she looked shocked
and asked me if I’ve
seen a doctor about my
sex problem. The boys
don’t play my game
either. I can’t find
one lousy joint of weed
and nobody here ever
heard of Peyote. The cops
are polite and the negroes
humble. I’m thinking of
moving on. How far to
the next enemy camp?

         -- William Wantling
William Wantling
William Wantling
Paperback | May 2015
in store $18.99

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