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Kristin's PicksSee more
Kristin has two Masters degrees, one in Criminal Justice and one in Liberal Studies. She loves being a bookseller, and has been one for the last 4 years. Gathering Volumes is one of her favorite places to be. She may end up being crushed under the stacks of books she owns, but will never stop buying them. 
Denise's PicksSee more
Gathering Volumes exists because of Denise's desire for Perrysburg to have a local, family-owned, independent bookstore. Denise is an avid reader and enjoys many genres and loves to try new content/genres/authors. Her list of books to read is always too many to handle, but that doesn't stop her from adding to it. This list contains books that shs has enjoyed, been amazed by, or feels have helped her grow as a person. She loves feedback on her selections, so feel free to send her an email at or through Facebook Messenger if you want to share your experiences with these books.
Brian's PicksSee more
Brian is the co-owner of Gathering Volumes and the Technical Director at Ohio Northern University. Brian is a Perrysburg High School graduate and received his undergraduate degree in Communication Arts - Theatre and a Master's Degree in Technical Direction from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Brian enjoys Humor books as well as books on Woodworking, or any interesting Maker projects, History, and of course the Performing Arts.
Jenifer's PicksSee more
Drew's PicksSee more
Drew has performed music, displayed art, and read poetry at Gathering Volumes. His novel is also available in store. Originally from Kentucky he currently calls Toledo home. Drew enjoys the classics, contemporary poetry, literary collections, as well as horror and science fiction.
Kaylah's PicksSee more

Kaylah is happily employed at Gathering Volumes and a returning undergraduate student of Marine and Aquatic Biology at Bowling Green State University. Kaylah has previously earned a Bachelor of the Fine Arts in International Theatre Production from Ohio Northern University, under the tutelage of Gathering Volumes' co-owner, Brian Phillips. Kaylah enjoys Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Young Adult fiction books, as well as classics that tend to overlap subject matter with those categories.