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Kings of Their Own Ocean
Karen Pinchin
Hardcover | Jul 2023
in store $36.00
The Wise Hours
Miriam Darlington
Hardcover | Feb 2023
not in store $37.99
(available for order)
The Lock-Up
John Banville
Hardcover | May 2023
in store $37.00
I'm Not Scared
Britta Teckentrup
Hardcover | May 2023
in store $19.95
My Dad Is a Tree
Jon Agee
Hardcover | May 2023
in store $25.99
The Underworld
Susan Casey
Hardcover | Aug 2023
in store $42.00
Across a Waking Land
Roger Morgan-Grenville
Hardcover | Jun 2023
not in store $42.95
(available for order)
Pursuing Giraffe
Anne Innis Dagg
Paperback | Jan 2006
in store $24.99
Searching for Happy Valley
Jane Marshall
Paperback | Apr 2023
not in store $25.00
(available for order)
The Education of a Gardener
Russell Page
Paperback | May 2023
in store $31.99

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The Ghost of Catharine Parr Traill 
Follow Laura Elliott's journey of discovery into the life and lessons of well being from nineteenth century pioneer, author, and botanist Catharine Parr Traill. The journey began when Laura moved into Catharine's final home, Westove, here in Lakefield in 2019. The challenges of the global pandemic that faced Laura and her family in 2020 turned this into a passion project. What could our generation learn from Catharine's grit, resilience, and calm in the face of so many struggles? What do the encounters between indigenous peoples and settlers, as captured in Koren Smoke's intrepretive artwork, have to offer to the truth and reconciliation process? Laura draws the reader into this timeless ancestral inquiry into individual and societal well being. 
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