Bookmanager's SHOP LOCAL

SHOP LOCAL helps visitors discover independent bookstores nearby that have stock of your titles.

Shop Local Button

In a nutshell, our SHOP LOCAL widget allows you to place a button next to a title that will bring up a list of independent bookstores nearby that carry or can order that title. You can use our SHOP LOCAL buttons, or design your own to match your site's aesthetic.

Shop Local Preview

Bookmanager encourages Canadian Independent booksellers with physical retail shops to list with us so that readers can discover stores nearby and check stock. Not all stores provide us with current availability but those that do will be listed first followed by all others.

A simple HTTP request is easily embedded in your web page or blog by including a JavaScript file and adding HTML tags wherever you want the button to be located.

Increase the visibility of Canadian independent bookstores by providing a SHOP LOCAL link anywhere you feature a book. The link works best when you provide the book’s ISBN, otherwise it can only list nearby stores. We are unable to provide referral revenue. Experienced web developers should find our free API easy to use.

Note: We recommend that you enable the option that allows visitors to choose sharing their location. This eliminates the need for them to enter a postal code.

If your store is not listed, please use the Log in at and create an account. Your store will be listed at no charge once we authenticate the information provided. You will need to contact us if you are also interested in providing regular updates to your inventory.

What if I don't know code, or my site doesn't support this widget?

No problemo! We have a stand-alone version available using just a hyperlink! Simply use the following URL convention, and swap out the sample ISBN for the ISBN you would like to use:

Below is a preview of the stand-alone SHOP LOCAL site that will load using the above link rather than embedding the widget.

Shop Local Stand Alone Site Preview

In Canada only?

Our database of US bookstores is building but not yet complete enough to provide reliable results.

Indies only?

Bookmanager’s primary focus is strengthening independent stores having physical locations. Only stores that meet our mandate will be listed.

How do I add SHOP LOCAL to my site?

We have detailed instructions for developers wanting to implement our SHOP LOCAL API. It's free and requires a quick registration of your site. Click here to get started.


Take SHOP LOCAL for a test drive.


Search for any title on our site and look for the SHOP LOCAL button: