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Barb's Picks

Barb is our Parksville store manager and buyer for both stores. She loves spending time with her family, working on her immense family tree, and reading everything from literary fiction, history, biography, and current affairs to West Coast stories. When she’s not in the back office taking care of business, you’ll find her in the store on Tuesdays to Thursdays, sharing her passion for her favourite reads with our customers.

Tom's Picks

One of our best-loved booksellers, Tom has co-owned and managed our Qualicum Beach Book Store for over 27 years. Inquiring minds want to know - what does he do in his spare time? Well, he loves washing and polishing cars, gardening, and spending time with his grandchildren. And reading, of course . . . all kinds of genres from mysteries and  thrillers, history, biography, current affairs, and so much more. Come in and chat with Tom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. He’ll be delighted to talk with you about his latest great read and show you all the cool stuff we carry.

Jan's Picks

Jan has worked in bookstores for 25 years. You will most often find her reading Canadiana, (both fiction and non fiction), historical fiction, biography and anything with an archaeological bent or populated by quirky characters. Pop by to see her Tuesday through Friday in our Parksville store.

Marianne's Picks

Marianne started working in the bookstores while she was still a teenager and has grown up with a passion for books and reading. Her favourite genres are historical fiction, biography, and mystery. Marianne works part-time in the Qualicum Beach store, and also does the marketing, promotions, and e-newsletters for the stores. If she had more time in the day she would spend it drinking great coffee, eating chocolate, and reading.

Antonia's Picks
Since she was a very small girl, Antonia has never left home without a book. She is a new member of the Mulberry Bush clan, and delights in the company and stories of both the regular and travelling folk that pass through the doors of the book shop each day. Natural history, wilderness adventure, literary and historical fiction, animism, Canadian Indigenous history and literature, Celtic wisdom, as well as anything to do with the Irish or Scottish are her favourite genres. Outside of reading, Antonia loves a hot cup of tea, volunteers in wildlife rehabilitation, and frequently hikes the rivers, shores, and forests of Vancouver Island with her beloved Malamute dog Arya (always with a book in her backpack, of course!)


Mitzi's picks

Rachael's Picks

Rachael is new to book-selling but not new to books. An avid reader and writer, Rachael has authored three novels and is presently at work on a fourth. Rachael spent many years teaching creative writing in continuing education programs and plans to offer writing workshops in the Parksville store. Besides literary fiction, Rachael loves reading biographies, self-help books and most anything on food. Rachael works in the Parksville store on Saturdays and Sundays.