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Book Design Made SimpleSee more
Book Design Made Simple: A step-by-step guide to designing and typesetting your own books using Adobe InDesign was reviewed by Joel Friedlander of "The Book Designer" blog. Here's some of what he had to say:

Book Design Made Simple fills a huge void in the graphic arts and indie publishing bookshelf. Classic books on book design are fine for design students, but usually have little relation to what we do in today’s digital world. But what indie authors have wanted—and what they keep asking me for—is step by step instruction in creating industry standard books with today’s tools and for today’s book production requirements. That’s what Book Design Made Simple delivers, and it does so beautifully. But this book is much more than that…”
“Book Design Made Simple is more than an explanation of how to design and produce a book,
it’s virtually a course in self-publishing, too. Starting with getting the InDesign software and proceeding through the basic steps to become a publisher, the authors lead readers by the hand through the process. The tone of the book is helpful and encouraging throughout. Detailed instructions are provided on just about every task you might run into in creating a trade book with InDesign. I particularly liked the many spreads that show a sample page (and many of the sample designs are well worth emulating) on one page, and all the specs needed to create the same effect on the facing page. That’s reader friendly!”
“Something users will appreciate about Book Design Made Simple are the many screenshots that the authors have fully annotated, showing you in some cases exactly the button to press to complete a task. In many books, the simplest operations are overlooked, because the authors don’t realize that something so simple can confuse newcomers. Fiona and Glenna never let that happen. They are with you the entire time, and take the time and trouble to point out even small things that will help you create your books more easily.”

Granny Get Your Glue GunSee more

Featured in Thunder Bay, Ontario:,
 online article
Segment on TBT News (below)


More Media:

ToshikoSee more
Reviewed by Patricia Roy in BC Studies
"As one expects from Kluckner, the black and white drawings in the many panels are superb. A few larger ones, such as that of the Salmon Arm courthouse, can stand alone as works of art. This book is a fine introduction to both the themes of Romeo and Juliet and to the wartime story of Japanese Canadians."

Also featured in an article by the Vancouver Sun


“It just kind of came up on my radar,” Kluckner says of the graphic novel idea, a genre that has taken the publishing world by storm of late and appeals especially to younger readers.


Kluckner had been noodling a story idea that lent itself well to the notion of a fictional tale of Japanese Canadian internment in B.C., one that might best be told in 125 pages of drawings and cartoon-style narrative.


“The fascinating thing to me was, how much can you tell just with pictures and how little you need to tell with dialogue.”

Kluckner talks Toshiko:

More Media:

In the Pressure of the Moment: Remembering Gerry McNeilSee more

Global News Halifax

“I started writing the book back in the ’90s,” said David. “I knew my father wasn’t going to be around forever, so I wanted to ask him about his career and life in hockey.”


“(The book)’s a must for any Habs fan because it gives you a slice of that Original Six era just before television really comes into being.”


Mapping My Way Home: A Gitxsan HistorySee more
All media can be found throught the following links: Author Neil Sterritt speaks about his book on CBC Daybreak North here:

Legendary Worlds & Legendary LandscapesSee more

Authors Witek Radomski and Carrie Wong did a
cross Canada book tour!

Media along the way:
The Morning Star, Vernon
The Nelson Star, Nelson
Global News, Regina
CTV News, Winnipeg
Snapd Oshawa, Oshawa
Globe and Mail article May 21st
Globe and Mail, Free downloadable images
CBC, Montreal
The Rick Howe Show, Halifax
CFIS-FM 93, Prince George


"Channel 12" covered East Coast events... check your local listings to watch the interview!


Legendary Landscapses...



In addition to this interview on Global TV, their publicity includes:
CBC News
Nelson Star 
The Citizen newspaper, Prince George

Listed in the top 17 of Huffington's Post favourite colouring books

Born to the WildSee more

Bronze Winner, IPPY Awards

BC Booklook article


And, an article in the International Game Warden Magazine


"Born to the Wild (ISBN 9780994051806) is not a “game warden” book in the true sense of the word. It isn’t a book about chasing poachers, although there is some discussion about poachers and hunters in it. But that doesn’t matter one bit. This book is just pure gold. I absolutely loved it for a number of reasons."


Whitewater Cooks with PassionSee more

The #1 BC Bestseller of 2015


B.C. has a vibrant and bustling book-publishing industry that sold more than $27 million worth of books in 2014. These are the top 10 bestselling books published in B.C. this year [2015]. The list was provided by the Association of Book Publishers of B.C., which compiled sales at more than 80 independent bookstores in the province.



By Shelley Adams Alicon Holdings


This is the fourth book in the Whitewater Cooks series. The series began when Shelley Adams ran the Fresh Tracks Café at Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson. Adams wrote the first cookbook in 2005 and hasn't stopped since. They've all been B.C. bestsellers and Whitewater Cooks With Passion, which focuses on fresh, healthy recipes, is no different.


Read more by clicking the link above...